Trade Oak Building Kits

Trade Oak Building Kits is a trade retailer of high quality oak frame kits and related timber products. We specialise in oak frame garages, timber frame gazebos and oak frame pergolas. We are industry innovators, both in terms of design and technology, as our kits transfer traditional joints and aesthetics cost effectively into the modern world with our state of the art joinery machine. Our clients trust us to deliver quality at trade prices.

We believe we make the best timber frame kits on the market.

Why we believe this is a combination of 3 key factors – PRICE, PRODUCT & SERVICE…


In partnership with one of the largest Oak saw mills in Europe, our buying power, manufacturing efficiency and delivery logistics mean we can source, cut and deliver the highest quality product at the best price. We offer you the opportunity for your client to cut less and make more.


100% European Green Oak
Unlike the majority of timer kits on the market, our products are made from 100% European Green Oak, including rafters and studwork.

Brick-Width Uprights
The uprights of our kits are 215mm, to match that of a standard brick size, ensuring the build is easier without custom bricks and as the beam integrates seamlessly with the brick plinth so doors can be mounted directly.

Traditional Design
Not to be confused with the lower end of the market, we have aspired to recreate the detail and strength of a hand-crafted bespoke oak frame building as a pre-cut kit. To this end, our designs feature larger beam sizes to deliver the aesthetic qualities of a hand cut frame, but with the cost and ease of a kit.

State of the Art Manufacturing
Our innovative machinery is capable of transferring, qualitatively and cost effectively, our detailed designs into accurate components that can quickly and easily be erected by a professional carpenter/builder.

Extra Wide Bays
A design feature of all our garage kits is extra wide bays. Most standard kits on a 2-bay feature a width of 5600mm, our kits are 6000mm.

green oak building kits


International Delivery
From our manufacturing centre in France, we can have the kit ready for delivery within 4-6 weeks of order.

New Product Development
In addition to our already diverse product range, we are continuing to develop new superior kit designs for you to offer your clients

CAD/Plan Drawings
Planning drawings are available for all our kits. However, as regulation differ between local planning authorities, please contact us for more information.