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Add An Oak Porch to Your Home for a Touch of Luxury

There’s something timeless and stylish about adding a porch to your home, especially when it is made from real oak.  It is also a practical addition, adding extra space and a protective layer to the front of the home to hold off the weather.  It is even a great place to have those important parcels dropped off inside! So how can you go about adding an oak porch to your home and getting that touch of luxury?

Find the right style

The first thing you want to consider is the style of a porch that would work best for your home.  oak porches come in a variety of styles and you want one that works for the size and shape of your home.  You can get very simple styles that form a protective layer above the door through t small, enclosed spaces that can have double glazed windows and doors added to them.

If you have an idea of what kind of porch you want, then you can use bespoke services to create it for you.  On the other hand, if you know you want a porch but are a little uncertain what style it should be, then you can get pre-designed oak porch kits that can easily be assembled and added to your home.

Style tips

A simple style of an oak porch is one that has beams at the side of the door and a roof overhead.  This shelters anyone standing at the front door from the weather and often had roof timbers on show that creates a stunning look.  Tiles on the roof make the porch strong and weatherproof as well. This type of porch is the most budget-friendly one and can often be self-assembled.

A more advanced type of porch might be to make space a little bigger and add windows to those spaces between the beams as well as a front door.  You can go with double glazing and UPVC doors and windows or choose something a little more in keeping such as wood doors – remember this is the outer protection so the security and ultimate insulate comes from the door inside the porch, not on the front.

Hand finished elements

A great advantage to working with experts in creating oak frame structures such as porches is that you can get the exact details you want.  Perhaps you have a house that is L-shaped, and you want a porch that sits across the whole corner. This is easy to achieve with the knowledge of how to create it.

You can also have hand finished elements that tie in with the house.  Perhaps your house has curved braces or mini trusses – the porch can be created to mirror these elements and look the same as the house.

Quality and luxury

A well-made oak porch adds quality and luxury to your home and can even increase its value.  It offers protection for the front of your house and a unique look that will make your neighbours jealous!