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Adding a Conservatory, Orangerie or Garden Room

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]There are lots of reasons that we find ourselves needing extra space in our homes.  Maybe the kids want more space for their stuff or someone has a hobby that could use a dedicated space.  Perhaps someone in the house has become a freelancer or works from home and needs an office space.  Whatever the reason, there are two popular and cost effective ways to add space to a house – adding a conservatory or a garden room.[/dt_quote]

The Conservatory & Orangerie

The conservatory & Orangerie has been around for a long time and there are a wide range of styles now available.  Deciding what the room will be used for can help pick which is the right type.  For example, if you want it for traditional uses such as for growing plants or for your pets, then a simple rectangular space can work.

If you are looking for a conservatory that is a usable room all year round, then slightly different considerations will come into the choices.  Looking at the heating of the room will be a factor as the amount of glass can make the room cooler in the winter.  

You also need to look at where you can add the conservatory.  If you have French or patio doors, this is the logical place but the layout of the garden beyond can impact the idea.  Otherwise, you may need to knock through a wall to create a door into the conservatory.  Planning permission will be required whichever option you choose.

The garden room

Another popular choice for the addition of space to the home is the garden room and within this category, the oak framed garden room is a particularly popular option.

Garden rooms made with timber framed have the traditional look to them while using the best of modern features to ensure that the room is usable at all times of the year.

Garden rooms were originally used to view the garden but can also make for practical spaces.  They are idea as a home office as the extra windows allow plenty of light into the space.  Using double glazed windows also means the rooms are easy to heat and therefore can be used in winter.  

Oak framed garden rooms also look natural and will work with any style of house, whereas some extensions can be a little harsh in their appearance.  Garden rooms often have a solid roof whereas a conservatory tends to use glass on the roof as well as the walls.  They tend to use more brickwork in the walls than conservatories, making them a little more substantial.  They do also require planning permission before being added to the home.


Whatever the reason for needing more space, a conservatory or a garden room can answer that need in a variety of styles.  The stark whiteness of a conservatory appeals to some homeowners while the natural look of an oak framed garden room is just what others require.  Whatever the case, you can get the space you need to fulfil your requirement in just the way that you want it.