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Unlike retail facing company, our business model simply focuses on delivering a high quality frame as cost effectively as possible. No sales people, no show room, no pricing in of ‘project management’. Once you have a clear idea of what you need, we can translate it into a frame design and cut it.


We estimate our projects differently. Our estimates are calculated on volumes of oak and softwood, with the volumes of each given on the quote. Once the design stage begins we can ensure we hit our estimate by designing towards those volumes or if you want to increase the cost by adding more details or reduce - you are in control either way.

Our Process


Phase 1

Required:Ideally architectural plans. Otherwise, quality hand drawings with written brief.

Duration:We aim to respond with an estimate within 48 hours.

Outcome:Estimate Price

Frame Design

Phase 2

Required:Design & Calcs Payment (£1000-£3000 depending on complexity)

Duration:2-6 Weeks depending on complexity.

Outcome:CAD Drawings, Structural Calculations & Formal Quote

Manufacture & Delivery

Phase 3

Required:70% Payment when iso- metric drawing are confirmed and we can start manufacturing. 30% Payment due on delivery.

Duration:4-6 weeks

Outcome:Final frame with HIAB delivery

Assembly (Optional)

Phase 4

Required:50% on order, 50% on project completion

Duration:2-4 weeks average

Outcome:Full frame assembly, with cladding, shingles optional.