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How to Make Your Oak Framed Garage as Impressive as Your Property

Building your dream home from scratch is an amazing experience.  You want everything to be just as you imagined with every detail fine-tuned to match your dream.  Part of the process means taking the same time and consideration for garages and outbuildings as you do for the main home.  So how do you make your oak framed garage as impressive as your property?

Why choose an oak frame?

Before moving into the processes to consider for the garage, let’s take a moment to look at why you might want to opt for an oak framed garage, especially if your house isn’t a wood frame building.  Oak is a traditional building material that man has used for thousands of years. It is very strong and versatile with a lifespan of hundreds of years. It also ages well and looks better over time.

Oak frames are very strong and modern techniques to create them add to this natural strength.  Wood is able to work is almost any style of garage and this means if you want a bespoke look to pair with the house, this is easy to do.  And oak is an eco-friendly option that is a sustainable material so if you are concerned about your carbon footprint and impact on the environment, it is a great option to consider.

The planning stage

When you are first at the planning stage, it is important to look at all the options and challenges with regard to your oak framed garage.  For example, if you want a garage that is over four metres in height, then you may face problems as you will need to look at planning permission – under four metres and you often don’t.  Garages less than four metres high can usually fall under Permitted Development but you should still check with your local planning department.

When you work with an experienced builder or construction company, they will be able to guide you through this process to get the planning stage perfect.  This includes looking at any planning permission that might be needed and applying for it as well as helping with obstacles and problems that come up. You might want to consider a company that works with local planners and officials to get the process to be a smooth one.

Choosing the garage

Once the basics are in place, then you can start to consider the exact type of oak framed garage that you want to add.  There are two main options – you can choose from a standard kit that may be two, three or four bays in size. Or you can choose to work with an oak frame specialist to have a bespoke garage made to your exact specifications.

By deciding what type of garage you want, you can then look at all the specifics of the project to ensure it is as impressive as your property.

Purpose of the garage

Typically, a garage is a storage space for your cars but when you are building one from scratch then you can really consider the purpose of the garage.  The same applies if you are converting an existing space and want to look at what it will be used for. There are lots of different ideas to inspire your decisions.

One example is adding a mezzanine level that could be perfect for a home office or for an entertainment space.  A three or four bay garage has a substantial amount of space above it that could be used for a wide range of purposes.

Matching with the house

Once you have decided on size, style and purpose of the garage, the final step is to make sure that it fits in with the look of your home.  Oak framed garages are very adaptable and can be altered easily to fit with everything from a traditional or rustic house to an ultra-modern property.  

The fine tuning process can involve lots of small flourishes and aesthetic touches that help tie the two together visually such as making hand-carved details or ornate posts match as well as adding beams at the same angle and style as on the house.  You can also consider the practical elements such as the type of glazing to include.