• Custom Made Staddle Stones

Hand Cut Staddle Stones

Hand cut staddle stones are a combination of a practical benefit with a stylish and natural feature to any of our oak timber frame kits. The idea of a staddle stone is that it sits below the uprights in any of our kits to add strength to the structure. However, unlike many staddle stones available, ours are not made from a resin product but instead are hand cut Yorkshire stone. The stone is sourced in the north of England to ensure it is of top quality and has the density for the task at hand. Additionally, all of our staddle stones come with a location steel imposition.

We recommend that all of our garage kits make use of staddle stones alongside any larger structure. They are optional for gazebos and pergolas, adding weight to the structure as well as being an attractive feature within it.

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Hand cut Yorkshire stone.


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