Oak Shingles

Oak shingles have their place as a traditional roofing material and have decorated the roofs of houses and other buildings for generations. Now, you can add oak shingles to the oak timber frame kits we offer as well as to any other structure with our oak shingles. Oak is recognised for its natural insulating properties to help keep heat within a building as well as its resistant to the weather. Once in place, an oak shingle roof will be durable and stable, with little causing an impact on it.

To create the oak shingles, we use ‘merranderie’ where we hand split oak that is used for barrel manufacture to instead create the shingles. All our shingles are made without the use of chemical treatments allowing the wood to soften to a silver grey colour once in place on the roof.

Standard Delivery: 4-6 Weeks

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Oak Hand Cut Shingles

Lenght: 400-450mm

Width: 60-140mm

Depth: 16-22mm

For cladding, the shingles are doubled : 2m2 of shingles to cover 1m2. For roofing they are tripled – de- pendent on the slope of the roof & local weather conditions, between 2.5 & 2.7m2 are required to cover 1m2.


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