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When is planning permission not needed

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]For many people adding to their current home is the preferred option than moving to a new one.  It may be that more space is needed or that a dedicated space for a specific reason is required.  It might be that the homeowner wants to add to their home and make it more attractive for sale in the long term.  Whatever the case, when work is being done it may fall under the official system known as planning permission – but what work requires planning permission and what can be done without it?[/dt_quote]

When is Planning Permission Not Needed?

Sometimes it can seem like here in the UK we have a lot of rules and regulations.  Planning permission, building regulations, it can seem like there are so many hold ups to any project you are considering.  There is good news, though, because we now have something called Permitted Development Rights and this means there are lots of things we can go without planning permission.

Converting outbuildings

If you have a garage that you want to change to a more useful space, then you don’t need planning permission to do this as long as you aren’t making it any bigger.  You do need to watch the building regulations for the project around things such as windows and doors and insulation.

Adding a conservatory

You can easily add a conservatory or orangery to your property without planning permission as long as it fits certain criteria.  These include that it isn’t forward of the front wall of the property and is no more than 4 metres deep (this drops to 3 metres when you are within 2 metres of the boundary).

Add a garage or outbuilding

Self build garages and similar outbuildings are a popular option to add space to your property and can be added without planning permission as long as they fulfil certain conditions.  You can’t use more than 50% of your garden area for outbuildings and they can’t be forward of your front wall.  The same kind of size restrictions also applies as to conservatories.

Converting the loft

The loft is often a slightly useless space above the house, but you can transform it into something more useful without the need for planning permission.  You can even add dormer windows for extra space, but they can’t be higher than the top of the roof.  Watch building regulations as well for these projects.


Add a porch

Porches add a smart feature to the front of the house and add insulation as well.  You can add a porch that is no taller than 3 metres as long as it isn’t within 2 metres of a boundary to a highway.  The total external space of it can’t be bigger than three square metres.

Add decking to the garden

You can add decking to your garden if it isn’t higher than 30cm and meets a few other basic criteria.  It is a more complex area than some, though so if in doubt always check with your local authority to avoid any conflicts or fines.